Schemes, Scams, Scoops, & More.

This page will remain as a place holder for projects I find that are blatant cash grabs, pump & dumps, rugs, and/or engage in deceptive marketing practices. SHARE THIS PAGE. RETWEET IT. TWEET IT OUT. GIVE IT TO YOUR FRIENDS. πŸ‘ DON'T πŸ‘ LET πŸ‘ PEOPLE πŸ‘ GET πŸ‘ SCAMMED πŸ‘ .

Context: I called out DJs crew HERE.

Here's the list:

BIGGEST OFFENDERS STEER CLEAR OF THESE AT ALL COSTS! - DJS PROJECT - Multiple Giveaways, 47k or so of their followers are fake. Account is less than 3 weeks old. 50K Twitter followers but only 20K in discord, less than 2k verified. Owners accounts are as old as the server (3ISH weeks). - Multiple giveaways - 10k+ Twitter followers - less than 5K Discord members, ONLY 20 people verified. LOL. Owner & Server accounts are less than 9 DAYS old. Huge fluctuations, new accounts, new discord owners, etc. Same as above. Same as above. Same as above. Same as above. Same as above. Same as above. Same as above. Same as above. Same as above. - Multiple Giveaways - New accounts - Huge fluctuation between discord/twitter, suspect DJ on this one. - SAME AS ABOVE. BIG OFFENDER STAY AWAY. - SAME AS ABOVE. BIG OFFENDER STAY AWAY. - SAME AS ABOVE. BIG OFFENDER STAY AWAY. - SAME AS ABOVE. BIG OFFENDER STAY AWAY. - SAME AS ABOVE. BIG OFFENDER STAY AWAY. - SAME AS ABOVE. BIG OFFENDER. STAY AWAY. - SAME AS ABOVE. BIG OFFENDER STAY AWAY. - SAME AS ABOVE. BIG OFFENDER. STAY AWAY. - SAME AS ABOVE. BIG OFFENDER STAY AWAY. - SAME AS ABOVE. BIG OFFENDER STAY AWAY. - SAME AS ABOVE. BIG OFFENDER STAY AWAY. - SAME AS ABOVE. BIG OFFENDER STAY AWAY. - BOUGHT ACCOUNT. DISCORD IS NEW. DISCORD OWNERS ARE RELATIVELY NEW. STAY AWAY FROM THIS. - Serious Offender - Serious Offender - Serious Offender - all staff on discord are fresh accs

Last Updated: 10/13/2021 @ 1:36 PM (PST) (Total 215 Projects)

Note: Some of these projects might delete their project all together, mint early to try to make money, or change names. If you've found one that rebranded feel free to DM me on Twitter. If you believe you were falsely added to this list. DM me and Ill give you a chance to clear your name.

I also warned folks about @infamousSkullz but no one listened. If you want to invest, this page will act as a sort of DYOR. If you're about to invest in a project and it's listed on this page. Stay away from it. It will be updated daily until my fully automated, decentralized, user governed, blockchain-based app is up. Shouldn't be more than two weeks of posting this. Automated scanners will:

  • Find these shitty NFTs automatically using ML/Bots.
  • Index all crypto "shitfluencers" & mainstream shitfluencers.
  • Index all coins listed on CMC/CG.

Why you may ask? Well the automated systems will automatically tell you:

  • How many of their twitter followers are fake (Bots/Inflated via predatory 3rd world giveaways)
  • How many of their discord users are fake
  • Automatically scan contracts for rugs (coins, by scanning contract)
  • Automatically scan contracts for pump & dumps (coin, by scanning holders & history)
  • Index all influencers, with their full info's (chances are your favorite influencer will be on their and you can see their face). Real names, other twitter accounts, all their discord/telegram accounts, history (ie if they've rugged before, they've promoted shit coins/shit NFTs), how many of their followers are fake. ETC.

Until then here's a list of all the NFT's I've found so far that:

  • Are blatant cash grabs (Don't intend to deliver on roadmaps/owners have history of putting out MULTIPLE NFT projects with the floor going to zero and discords/site/twitter being deleted/abandoned.)
  • Are RUGs (Don't intend to deliver on roadmaps/don't put out art)
  • Engage in predatory marketing tactics to hyper-inflate their Discord, Instagram, Tiktok, & Twitter followers.

Note: If you don't believe me, go for it. Mint them. Get rugged/scammed. Enjoy a 0 floor NFT while the owners launch another the very next day. I've tried to warn folks, they didn't listen. Here's someone arguing InfamousSkullz is not a rug and my evidence claims are redundant when I tried to warn folks pre-mint (they sold out btw):

Text message from DJ after InfamousSkullz sold out. 

I said it 100x, Ill say it again. Hyper-inflating numbers is a rug. Why? When you mint an NFT to make money, and you see numbers like 50k followers on twitter + 50k discord users, you assume there's a lot of demand. When you mint it for 0.09 ETH and list on secondary, and realize that there isn't a demand - and you were deceived - and no one want's that shit NFT because it's not actually art - you're gonna feel like shit. When you buy an NFT you're either buying:

  • Becuase you like the art
  • You really like the roadmap and want to be part of the community
  • You like the community
  • You want to make quick $$$ by flipping

Let's break it down:

1) You like the art?

Nah. You were told by @TrippieRed that the art is solid:

When are you going to learn that these rappers and mainstream idiots know nothing about crypto? You can legitmately pay Lil Pump $10k to tweet whatever it is you want him to tweet. The art isn't good. It's legitmately off Fiverr. Go comission your own if you like the art, and mint it.

2) You really like the Roadmap

Do you think NFT idiots that are dropping 10-15 NFT projects a month, for your money, hyper inflating numbers, give a shit about the roadmap? They abandon the discord/twitter/website shortly after and go next. Check list above, and manually check how many of those projects twitters/communities are still intact. I can promise you a cat girl waifu if you buy my NFT. It doesn't mean im going to deliver.

3) You like the community

Again, Do you think there's going to be a community once folks realize that the community is actually 500-3000 people and not 50k People? Or once they realize the roadmap is never going to be hit and the project was just a quick money grab for the owners, and that this is one of 20 projects they're doing this month?

4) You want to make $$$ by flipping

Good lucky with that. Every project. Every single one on this list. Is below mint price right now. You're not going to make money. Because there isn't 50k people that are dying for this project. There's only you, and the handful of other schmucks who minted.

If you see a project with a mainstream influencer, stay away from it. If you see any of these projects being promoted by your favorite crypto influencer, unfollow them. They don't have your best interest in mind and are just looking to make money off you by promoting shit they're either involved in, or getting paid ridiculous amounts to promote. For example, here's your favorite @BeanieMaxi trying to FUD me and discredit me by claiming I reached out for a promotion:

I've already broke this down in my main article (Update #2) but folks like this are getting paid $$$$ to post these kinds of tweets. Honestly, do you want to take NFT investment advice from the same guy that rugged his own followers for $3M? True story.

Closing notes: Not all of these contracts will have splitters. Some contracts blatantly have functions to steal your rares and sell on secondary to juice every bit of coin from unsuspecting buyers (take for example infamousSkullz:)

They didn't include a splitter, rather trusted each other. It's only a matter of time before some internal drama happens. But since neither of them burned each other this time, it means they're still going.

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